Please read the information below BEFORE you place your order!

  • Winter shipping:  Once your area begins freezing, or your area is in a delivery route that is freezing, we will not ship to you until your average last frost date has occurred or you waive your warranty. To do this type "WAIVE WARRANTY" in the comment box (located on the address page of the order form). If you wish to know when we begin guaranteed shipping to your area, please email us with your zip code.

    We ship with a guarantee year-round to California, Florida and Hawaii.

  • Back orders: We do not take back orders for plug trays. Items ordered are sent at the next available shipping date.
  • Plant cost: Each tray holds 128 plugs. Each plug is between .75 and 1.00. (Prices are subject to change) We only charge you for 120 to accommodate any problems we can't see.
  • Availability: We make new plug trays all year. Inventory is added every week (usually on Thursday), although not for every plant. Use the notification link to be automatically notified when plug trays become available. If the plant you would like a plug tray of is not listed at all, please email us.
  • Ordering potted plants or gardening supplies: You are currently in your PLUG TRAY SHOPPING CART. Visit your POTTED PLANT SHOPPING CART or GARDENING SUPPLY CART. We use separate carts for potted plants, plug trays and gardening supplies to insure safe arrival of your purchases.
  • Our warranty: Please click here for warranty information.
  • More information link: This link located under every plant on the ordering pages will take you to Mountain Valley Growers where three inch pots may be ordered. It will be necessary to return to to order plug trays.

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