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Vietnamese Cilantro Plug Tray, a division of Mountain Valley Growers, Inc., offers trays of small plants for economical planting. Each tray contains 128 plugs that are approximately 3/4 of an inch in diameter and one inch in depth. Each plug cost between .75 and 1.00. We only charge you for 120 plugs to accommodate any problems we can't see.  All plants are certified organic.

The wide variety of plants that are offered  include culinary herbs, ground covers and bushes. Lavenders and creeping thymes are some of the most popular but unusual herbs like Lemon Verbena and Greek Bay are also available.


Most of our plug trays are started from cuttings that are taken from larger plants. This cloning insures that we provide you with the proper variety. Cuttings are taken when the time is right to cut each plant. This could be once a year or several times a year. Therefore, different plug trays are available at different times throughout the year.

Larger certified organic plants in three-inch pots can be ordered at Mountain Valley Growers.


Parsley Plug Tray


This link located under every plant on the ordering pages will take you to a page of information specific to that plant. These pages are housed on Mountain Valley Growers. It will be necessary to return to to order plug trays.


Our plug tray box can hold two plug trays but it is not mandatory that you order two. This is your best shipping value though because the shipping fee is the same for one or two plug trays.

Shipping is by ground to 7 western states AZ, CA, ID, NV, OR, UT, and WA. Shipping to these sates is 20.00 per box.

All other areas are shipped via 2 day air. Shipping to these states runs from 45.00 per box ( orders going to CO, MT and WY) to 72.95 per box (all other states not yet listed). Prices are subject to change.

It is necessary to use your physical street address; UPS cannot deliver to a P.O. Box. If the package is to be delivered to an apartment, UPS automatically requires a signature. Please take this into consideration when you order. It is also important to make sure your address is correct and that, if UPS needs you to be home, that you are. We do not guarantee packages that are delivered to the wrong address, if you entered that address, or those packages that are not delivered on the first try by UPS. Visit this link for greater details about shipping and your guarantee.


We do not take back orders or pre-orders for plug trays. They are shipped as close to the time you order as possible. We ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays only. Which day we ship to you depends on where you are located.

If the variety you are looking for is not in stock, please check back or leave your email address to be notified when we have more. We normally update inventory and send out notifications each Thursday.

If you receive a notification of an item being in stock and find it is out of stock by the time you get to the site to order, it is because we produce a limited amount each week and someone else beat you to it. If you are still interested, please reenter your email address.

If your area has not experienced its last frost or if your area is experiencing temperatures over 100 degrees, you will need to waive your warranty to receive plants. This can be done by typing "Waive warranty" in the comment box on the order form.


Our guarantee covers any damage done during shipping but does not cover the plants once you remove them from the cells. Please report all shipping issues within 7 days. This should be done by writing to us at Please accompany your note with a photo of the damage.

We do not guarantee packages that are delivered when you are not home. This will show up at UPS as "left on porch" or some other rendition of this. When they hand the package to you, they note this as either left with man/woman or actually use your name. We can ship to any physical address.

It is important to make sure plants do not sit in the sun while you are away. We supply a UPS tracking number so you know when your box should arrive. We also do not guarantee packages that are shipped to a wrong address provided by you. The address we use is taken directly from the order you place. Take a moment to make sure it is correct. If you incorrectly enter your address and UPS has to change it, they will charge us, which we will pass on to you. If UPS is unable to deliver your box due to a mistake in the address, the box will be returned to us and the plants will be dead. We will not refund or replace plants under these conditions.


Plug Trays should be unpacked promptly upon arrival, set outside and watered. They can then be planted directly into moist ground. These small plant dry out quickly and should be checked often to insure the plug's root ball remains moist. It can take a month for a new plant to become established into the soil around it. Until this happens the plant can only use the moisture in the root ball. If the ground around the root ball dries out, the dry ground will take the moisture from the root ball. Once the small plant puts roots out into the soil around it, the moisture and nutrients from the ground becomes available to it.

If you are trying to plant in the heat of summer, watering may need to be more often than you think. Physically check the soil often during the day to make sure they are not drying out.

If plug trays are held for a time, make sure they stay watered.

Plugs can also be repotted into three to four inch pots for growing on to sell or hold until a convenient planting time.


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